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Have the Know-How,  Health, and Wealth to Travel All Your Life.

Are you an experienced, ardent tourist or business traveler with no intention of stopping because of age?

Do you want to travel to exotic locals and seek new experiences, great food, and superior lodgings?

Do you like vacations that are beyond the ordinary and predictable?

Are you looking for affordable luxury in travel experiences?

If so, The Ageless Traveler is your #1 Resource for travel information, products, and like-minded companions.

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We have different needs and demands as we age than our younger travel selves. For example:

  • Our usual travel companions no longer travel.
  • Our friends and spouses have moderate mobility, eyesight, or hearing issues.
  • We need more luxury and comfort, and upscale experiences.
  • We have more food restrictions or special diets.
  • We have been to many places. We need fresh adventures.

Our podcasts and blogs, and suggestions fill your need for the following:

  • Travel safety with adventure
  • Trips with new travel companions when friends do not want to travel.
  • Unique trips together if one of us has mobility or other physical issues.
  • The means to travel even on a tight budget or fixed income…even make money traveling!
  • Longevity and wellness travel to get and stay healthy.
  • The know-how and courage to visit remote and exotic places.
  • Find your roots, renew marriage vows, and bring your skills to those who need you most.
  • A chance to live out your dreams: to be an archaeologist, chef, writer, artist, or musician.

The Ageless Traveler Is Committed to Your Never Stop Traveling Because We Make Lifelong Travel Easy.

What we are not--We are not travel agents. We curate all our featured trips and travel products for the best value and experiences appropriate for the Ageless Traveler.

You will get information on booking or buying directly from the company and getting Ageless Traveler discounts.

We disclose whether we get discounts or compensation from the companies we mention and suggest.

You will get information on how to book or buy directly from the company and how to get Ageless Traveler discounts.

We disclose whether we get any discounts or compensation from the companies we mention and/or suggest.

Meet the Team

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Our Chief Travel Cheerleader

Adriane Berg

Adriane Berg has traveled to over 105 countries and is still counting. At 75, she is an Ageless Traveler herself. Adriane Berg is the cheerleader of successful aging and life-long contribution. She brings a fresh, funny, yet profound voice to issues of aging and travel. In her award-winning podcast Generation Bold: The Fountain of Truth About Aging and popular articles as a blogger and a New York Times Age Boom journalist, Adriane features stories of ageless living and travel wellness.

She innovates wellness programs for spas, hotels, and senior facilities, melding healthcare and hospitality. Adriane is one of the original members of the famous Swellness Think Tank of wellness futurists and a presenter at the World Future Society.

Adriane curates every Featured Trip and carefully selects products and services beneficial to the Ageless Traveler. Adriane has a bird’s eye view of what is happening in international travel and local experiences. She is the United Nations Representative for the International Federation on Ageing and NGO Committee on Ageing, seeking human rights for older people worldwide. As such, she meets fascinating people and gets insider insight into places that Ageless Travelers want to visit.

Adriane believes traveling is a way to give the world energy, happiness, and hope. In return, we benefit from rich experiences that fuel our everlasting curiosity and make us genuinely young.


Our Human GPS--Find it First

Stuart Bochner

Stuart Bochner is a Human GPS. He can find any place on earth and find it fast. He creates itineraries, ferrets out hidden treasures, and puts you in control of the destination. Stuart’s retirement life is devoted to helping Adriane curate and visit the very best destinations and develop great ways to get there…the journey is sometimes better than the destination.

In his past life, Stuart was an attorney and entrepreneur specializing in management, technology, publishing, and web/internet presence.

He has contributed to numerous books, articles, and manuals, including The Totally Awesome Money Book, The Totally Awesome Business Book, Critical Path Success, and Murder Ink.

Stuart was the publisher and editor of “Wealthbuilder Newsletter” from 1990
to 2006 and the “WealthBuilder Stock Alert Service” from 1999 to 2005.

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Our Man In the Hotel/Spa Industry

Peter Anderson

Peter is a leader in hotels, hospitality, and spa experiences. He has spent his career visiting travel venues worldwide and making them better for their operators and owners. Now he wants to make them better for you, the older traveler.

Peter, a 30-year veteran in the leisure industry, is the founder and CEO of Anderson and Associates, a consultancy firm specializing in developing and programming issues related to planned wellness communities, destination resorts, resort, recreation, and lifestyle issues.

Peter sits on the board of directors for the Cal State Long Beach Hospitality Management program and is also a full-time faculty member at the Collins School of Hospitality Management at the California State University’s campus in Pomona, CA, and The California State University Hotel Management Program in Long Beach, CA. He is a member of the International Society of Hospitality Consultants, an invitation-only organization of approximately 200 members from 37 countries dedicated to technical and ethical excellence.

Additionally, he is a member of the Global Wellness Summit, a vetted group of 300 industry leaders from over 80 countries who evaluate the global social, medical, and financial impact of lifestyle, wellness, and leisure issues.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Professional Studies in Hotel Administration from Cornell University.