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Boomers, born 1946 through 1964, comprise 78 million U.S. citizens, 1 billion people worldwide. Older adults, less demographically defined, are those from approximately age 70 through 100 and above.

Both of these groups have distinctive needs, both physical and psychological, and distinctive paradigms and world views.

As caregivers to older parents, the boomer market often influences the older adult market. Your company’s end-user may not be your purchaser, as the caregiver/adult child may be purchasing for an older relative. Conversely, your company’s purchaser may not be the decision-maker, as the older adult may pay for their own residence, products or services, but looks to the boomer influencer to make a decision with regard to their lifestyle choices.

Especially with regard to choice of assisted residence, the boomer is highly influential in the decision. In the case of mental incapacity, a family member may be the sole and legal decision maker. It is imperative that their view of your residence, as well as that of the older adult be fully understood by management, staff, designers and those that create programs.

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If boomers or older adults are your markets, lensing is a critical part of your bottom-line success.

Imagine understanding every aspect of your business, facility, product, or service through the eyes of your target market.

What differences in design, marketing and concept might you make if you could truly walk in the shoes of your residents, clients, or purchasers and intimately understand their decision-making process?

What greater market share might you gain if you acted with utmost confidence in your knowledge of the boomer and older adult sectors?

What capital investments would you embrace if you could foresee the trends that will affect your market?