Take advantage of our complementary work session to discuss:

Facility Audits--A Wellness Design audit includes lighting, paint color, environmental toxins, and breathability.

A Universal Design audit--ensures that from when a guest or traveler arrives and registers to when their car or transportation comes at the end of their stay, they are satisfied with the seamless, inclusive design elements that can make or break their experience. We have expertise in the older business traveler, the executive traveler, and especially the executive woman traveler.

An Inclusive Messaging Audit for Non-Ageist Language and Images--Do your messaging, website, social media, advertising, and public relations engage the Boomer and Older Adults?We have joined with the finest architects, designers, graphic artists, web builders, copywriters, construction companies, web portals, and advertising specialists to implement every aspect of your projects.

Whether you are building or renovating an existing facility or converting a resort facility, spa, or seasonal share program to accommodate older adults, we have the strong core ability to:

  • Create your concept: Feasibility study, market research, and business development.
  • Design and develop your facility, including overseeing adult and universal interior and exterior design.
  • Create age-friendly life-long learning, sports and fitness, and cultural and educational programs.
  • Consult on product design and the resources/products you choose for your health, residential, or hospitality venue.
  • Train staff in age-friendly customer care and hospitality guest services
  • Advise on pricing and offers that compel boomers and older adults to act.
  • Review product design (furniture, lighting, beauty products, packaging)

Imagine understanding every aspect of your business, facility, product, or service through the eyes of your target market.

What differences in design, marketing, and concept might you make if you could honestly walk in your guests' shoes and intimately understand their decision-making process?

What more significant market share might you gain if you acted confidently in your knowledge of the Boomer and mature adult sectors?

What capital investments would you embrace if you could foresee the trends affecting your market?

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Employee Training

At Ageless Traveler, we create one-of-a-kind training experiences developed for your organization and train-the-trainer modules so that you can continue to train in-house.

Allow us to offer our quick training to bring your part-time, temporary, or seasonal workers the awareness and skills they need to serve this demanding cohort.

Because the hospitality industry is one with a substantial need for temporary and seasonal employees, it is often a problem to bring them up to speed when it comes to the needs of the Boomer and older adult guests or travelers.


Design Services

Are you interested in making your hotel, restaurant, or venue age-friendly?

We create strategic alliances for the owner and developer with specialized vendors, products, services designers, builders, and exterior landscapers highly trained in universal design for spas and hospitality.

From the end user "look" like carpeting and furniture to exterior ramps and raised landscapes, we are a prime resource for everyone on your team.

These include food service providers and sports facility and equipment purchases.

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Signature Lifestyles

We help you create a luxury atmosphere and experience that the lifelong traveler demands.

These include transportation, sports equipment and gymnasium requirements, swimming pool safety, spa, learning programs, digital health programs, and connective technologies.

We also include video conferencing and other technologies, i.e., digital safety monitors and sensors, and GPS personal systems.