Adriane Berg–Our Chief Travel Cheerleader


Adriane Berg has traveled to over 105 countries and is still counting. At 75, she is an Ageless Traveler herself. Adriane Berg is the cheerleader of successful aging and life-long contribution. She brings a fresh, funny, yet profound voice to issues of aging and travel. In her award-winning podcast Generation Bold: The Fountain of Truth About Aging and popular articles as a blogger and a New York Times Age Boom journalist, Adriane features stories of ageless living and travel wellness.

She innovates wellness programs for spas, hotels, and senior facilities, melding healthcare and hospitality. Adriane is one of the original members of the famous Swellness Think Tank of wellness futurists and a presenter at the World Future Society.

Adriane curates every Featured Trip and carefully selects products and services beneficial to the Ageless Traveler. Adriane has a bird’s eye view of what is happening in international travel and local experiences. She is the United Nations Representative for the International Federation on Ageing and NGO Committee on Ageing, seeking human rights for older people worldwide. As such, she meets fascinating people and gets insider insight into places that Ageless Travelers want to visit.

Adriane believes traveling is a way to give the world energy, happiness, and hope. In return, we benefit from rich experiences that fuel our everlasting curiosity and make us genuinely young.