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There is plenty of time to tell your story: The Ageless Traveler podcast is structured as a 40-minute interview with your representative. Up to three of your designated interviewees can be on the show simultaneously.

Disseminated wherever the mature market listens: Our show is then disseminated on all leading podcast sites, including Google Podcasts, iTunes, Anchor, Libsyn, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocketcasts, Radio Public and Spotify, iHeart Radio, and Sensory.

Captures Business Travelers: Our show is disseminated through BizTalk Radio and its app.

YouTube Content: A 2-minute video is produced from the interview for posting on YouTube, email, and other social media.

Shared with our followers and connections: The Podcast is posted on social media, reaching 6,000 LinkedIn followers and connections, and the mature business and consumer travel audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Your show has legs: The show is archived on and included on the homepage for one week following its air date.


Adriane is a New York Times Age Boom Fellow and freelance journalist, as well as a travel contributor to and the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

Plus, her travel and aging blogs have appeared on Bottom Line Personal.


Our host, Adriane Berg, is an Influencer and Experienced Message Crafter

Adriane Berg is An Emmy-winning TV and radio personality and professional podcast host. Her current podcasts include The Ageless Traveler, Generation Bold, and On the Ground, the United Nations NGO Executive Committee podcast.

Adriane is a New York Times Age Boom Fellow awarded that designation by the International Longevity Center under the auspices of the late Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. Robert Butler. She is one of the leading media voices in travel writing to reach the Boomer and the active older adult.

She is a veteran talk show host, beginning on WMCA radio and continuing with WABC radio and syndicated on Westwood One. Ms. Berg was the Emmy Award-winning host/writer of IRS Tax Beat, a television series aired on FNN, CNN Business, and Money Talks on the Learning Channel. Ms. Berg is the author of thirteen books.

Adriane began travel writing in 2004 with a column in Journal America and later in Spectrum Magazine and Balance Magazine. She has covered tourist venues that include Malaysia, Portugal, Panama, Zambia, Uzbekistan, and China at the invitation of Ministers of Tourism. Adriane is the author of numerous freelance travel columns and articles, such as the Cat Museum of Kuching and Cat Fancy Magazine. She has appeared on OPRAH, Regis, and Good Morning America.

Meet Adriane's Readers, Viewers, and Listeners

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Ageless Travelers are experienced travelers. They travel to exotic locals, seeking new experiences, great food, and superior lodgings. Ageless Travelers travel independently and in groups, on girlfriend tours, for second marriages or honeymoons, and with grandchildren or their older parents. But they are constantly seeking what is beyond the ordinary and predictable.

The Ageless Traveler is the experienced, more sophisticated Traveler, comprised of "boomers" and active adults who are ardent tourists and business travelers. They have traveled all their lives and have no intention of stopping because of age. In fact, after retirement, they choose to travel as their number one activity.