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We welcome STORY AND PICTORIAL STORY SUBMISSIONS from our Facebook group members. If you have not joined our Facebook group, please do so before you make your submission. Membership is free, but you must be in our community before a submission is considered.

What we are looking for:

  • Travel guides to places or itineraries,

  • Travel memoirs of experiences you had,

  • Pictorial articles with breathtaking, funny, or interesting pictures you have taken,

  • Reviews of restaurants, performances, art, museums, and other cultural venues

  • Sport and adventure stores,

  • Reviews or guides of travel for second honeymoons, grandparents’ travel, friend, family or school reunions, solo travel, girlfriend or manfriend tours, LGBTQ travel. Lifelong learning, voluntourism, spiritual, spa and mindfulness retreats, arts and culture, multi-cultural experiences, intergenerational travel, healthy and sustainable traveland shopping.

  • We are open to other topics you think of interest to the Ageless Traveler, especially overcoming barriers to travel because of health, mobility, ageism, and loss of usual companions.

Submit an article that is likely to be read

  • Search words: Whatever your topic, you will get more readers if you use words in your article that people are likely to use when they search for a topic on Google or other search engines.

  • Think: What would you search for if you wanted to find the article you are writing? Use those words in the article. Have at leave 3 searched words in each article and tell s which they are when you send the article.

  • Links: Have at least 3-4 external links and one internal link in each article. If you mention a restaurant, place, etc., include a link to their website or something on the AT website that is specifically relevant, like a podcast or another blog on the same or related topic.

To Submit Your Story:

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Editorial Guidelines


  • Submission should be between 500-1000 words. 1500 words is acceptable in some cases where coverage requires length.

  • Submit your picture, 50–100-word bio, and contact information. We prefer a picture that shows you traveling, but a headshot will do.

  • Do not use caps, underlining, or italics. We do that part, so our articles look consistent. No words are highlighted or in color.

  • Use bullet points and arrows where it makes sense…we love them.

  • Do not abbreviate unless you first put the entire Word in and the abbreviation in parentheses: i.e.., Global NGO Executive Committee (GNEC)

  • Double space

  • We will fix the font, so use any font you like but use 10-12 points in size.

  • People find it hard to read paragraphs with more than ten lines, so judge readability.

  • Use correct grammar and spelling. Make that easy by enrolling in Grammarly.

  • Use 3-6 pictures if available and OWNED BY YOU or Canva, Shutterstock, or a paid service to which you subscribe, just so the pictures are legally yours to use.

Tone & Topic

  • Write for the Ageless Traveler- someone who wants to travel all their life but may have barriers. It is NOT ABOUT AGE OR BEING OLDER. Our community members are often over 40, 60, 70, and 75+, but they are vigorous and healthy. Younger travelers are with us because they like luxury on a budget (always a good topic) or traveling with older family members.

  • Items like travel clothing, food, and gadgets also work for shorter articles with pictures.

  • The tone of your writing should be positive and informative. Self-help and know-how in travel is our brand. But WE LOVE HUMAN INTEREST STORIES AROUND TRAVEL.

  • We do not take articles that are ads or promos for your business or product, BUT we do want to hear about them for our podcast, store, or affiliate programs.

Upon Receipt

  • We Read every submission, and if accepted, we do light editing or ask you to edit if extensive editing is needed.

  • We include your picture and bio when we publish it on website, or any other platform.

  • We social media post about your article and archive it on our website. We ask readers to comment. We mention it on our podcast and may have you as a guest as well if you are an expert on the topic.

Important Agreements

  • No compensation: We do not pay for articles or pictures. That said, for aspiring writers, our editorial guidance can be constructive. For veteran writers, we are building an exciting community in which to get your work known.

  • Use: In exchange for us publishing the article, you agree that we can republish it at any time, in whole or in part, on our website or affiliated websites, such as, and all other websites we control without restriction, and mention it on our social media and podcasts. You can republish your material three weeks after we publish with a link to our site.

  • No paid links. We will not take the article if you are being paid to mention a company, or other entity. We may be able to help you with the promotion.

To Submit Your Story:

Email your submission as an attachment to: