Meet the Team

Adriane Berg–Our Chief Travel Cheerleader

Adriane Berg has traveled to over 105 countries and is still counting. At 75, she is an Ageless Traveler herself. Adriane Berg is the cheerleader of successful aging and life-long contribution. She brings a fresh, funny, yet profound voice to issues of aging and travel. In her award-winning podcast Generation Bold: The Fountain of Truth About Aging and popular articles as a blogger and a New York Times Age Boom journalist, Adriane features stories of ageless living ...

Stuart Bochner–Our Human GPS, Find it First

Stuart Bochner is a Human GPS. He can find any place on earth and find it fast. He creates itineraries, ferrets out hidden treasures, and puts you in control of the destination. Stuart's retirement life is devoted to helping Adriane curate and visit the very best destinations and develop great ways to get there…the journey is sometimes better than the destination. In his past life, Stuart was an attorney and entrepreneur specializing in management, technology, ...

Peter Anderson–Our Man in Hotels and Spas

Peter is a leader in hotels, hospitality, and spa experiences. He has spent his career visiting travel venues worldwide and making them better for their operators and owners. Now he wants to make them better for you, the older traveler. Peter, a 30-year veteran in the leisure industry, is the founder and CEO of Anderson and Associates, a consultancy firm specializing in developing and programming issues related to planned wellness communities, destination resorts, resort, recreation, ...

Meet Our Advisory Board

Elena Lamb–The Ageless Traveler Fitness Expert

Elena Nimes.jpeg
Elena empowers her students to cultivate strength, grace, and mindfulness. Her teachings are characterized by a gentle yet dynamic approach, encouraging participants to listen to their bodies and honor their unique journeys. With her diverse skill set and warm presence, Elena creates a nurturing and inclusive space for everyone at ...

Sharon Rose–The Ageless Traveler Social Gerontologist

sharon rose 3
Social Gerontologist Sharon Rose, M.S., creates and implements programs for intergenerational communities and companies. Her work includes innovating cross-generational activities and programs for education, inspiration, healthy aging, and the use of agetech devices to improve quality of life, productivity and social engagement. Earlier in her career, Sharon was Executive Director ...

Risa Olinsky–The Ageless Traveler Wellness Coach

Risa Olinsky, MA, is a certified personal trainer & health coach, consultant and speaker, and the author of the book WHY WALK that can be found on She is the president of a non-profit organization that promotes long-distance walking for all ages. Risa has expertise in weight and ...