The Ageless Traveler Group Leader Program Offers:

Free Travel for Group Organizers

Our travel experts can create custom trips limited to your group of 10 or more. If you are a family or a group of friends, you can get one or sometimes more travel free of charge, extra perks, and benefits.

For Assisted living, CCRCs, Residential Settings, and Senior Centers:

Our colleagues can create a revenue stream for your facility if you wish. If you prefer, we can create a “travel scholarship fund” to support travel for your constituents who cannot afford a trip. They are always willing to make a unique arrangement with our group partners.

We are not travel agents.

We work with travel agents, tourist boards, and tour packagers to bring them clients like you that would generally not travel except for our outreach. We may be compensated for doing this, but more often, we get discounted or free travel for ourselves.

If you are interested in leading your group, please complete and send this form: